X-ray Calculator


Welcome, to our radiation (x-ray) calculator link to the EPA calculator for radiation.   This calculator will hopefully

inform patients that a few dental x-rays are not bad when compared to the elevations we call home,

how often we fly, what kind of home we live in, etc.  Dental x-rays are needed to diagnosis underlying

dental conditions and getting an x-ray will benefit you and your oral health.  Living in Ashland (2000 + ft),

OR, flying an average of 20 hours a year, and getting 4 films (xrays), still allows the citizens of Ashland to

have an average exposure less than the national average of 360 mrem.  Please see the calculator (1) below

or NRC (2) for more info:)


NOTE: when using the EPA calculator 1 dental film is 1 mrem so a full mouth series is 18 mrem, which is less than a standard medical x-ray taken at the hospital.  Most patients only need 4 films every two years.


1 )  site link:  http://www.epa.gov/radiation/understand/calculate.html

2 )  site link:  http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/fact-sheets/bio-effects-radiation.html