My experience at this office was top-notch, from the moment I booked my appointment over the phone with a highly personable and accommodating staff person to the moment I paid my surprisingly affordable bill (at a 5% discount for paying same day). The folks who work here behave as though they genuinely enjoy their jobs and make it a point to engage every person who walks through the door. The familiarity and warmth felt very small-town, Ashland-authentic while the space itself was highly elegant and upscale. My actual exam, consultation and cleaning were all performed very thoroughly and evidently with my comfort in mind.

Clearly I was pleased enough with my experience at this dentist's office to leave a Google review about it, so that alone should speak for itself. Really though, these folks deserve a great deal of credit for their commendable efforts toward providing such quality and personalized care.

P.S. I don't have dental insurance, and I paid what I felt was a very affordable price for the level of care I was given for bite wings, an exam, and a cleaning (without filling out any sliding-scale paperwork).

Erica T.

My whole family is taken care of my Ashland Family Dentistry and has been for many years. This practice has the best Dentist and staff I have ever had in my life and wholeheartedly recommend them. Awesome cleaning and there for you if an emergency should arise!!

Michele L.

Everyone I met was great! The front desk ladies, the dental assistants, and Dr. Cullen (who is quite funny). I am having to get my upper wisdoms removed and I don't feel nervous at all! I had my xrays sent over from another dental office and because they already had what they needed, I was not charged for the consult!

Another thing that I really like about them is that they are willing to work with my budget. I do not have insurance and was really worried about having to get all the money up front but the ladies at the front desk set me up with four options for payment plans. It is quite wonderful knowing that they are willing to work with me.

Finally, I was complimented on how straight my teeth were for never having any dental work done. The dental assistant did say if I wanted to think about invisalign that they do offer that service. That was it. No pressure into getting the work done. It was just stated very matter-of-factly and then the consult proceeded normally.

I really liked my first experience with Dr. Cullen and in a way I look forward to my appointment next week to get these wisdoms finally taken out!

Serena M.

The dentists and staff are awesome. Dr. Cullen is never trying to sell me something I don’t need. Straight forward, excellent dentistry is what your going to get.

Zeph R.

The staff at Ashland Family Dentistry is exceptional. The front office ladies are accommodating, efficient and always very friendly. The dental technicians and hygienists are also very personable and do their jobs extremely well. Dr. Cullen is very personable yet invariably professional. He goes out of his way for his patients and inspires confidence with his knowledge and skill. I unequivocally recommend Dr. Cullen and his assistants!

Charlene R.


B.A. Trapper

I have serious dental anxiety, I’m so happy with this place and their ability to deal with me and how difficult I know I must be to deal with. Prices were totally fair and inline with others in the area. I can’t recommend this place more!

Ken H.

Provided me with outstanding dental care !

James D.

Just plain wonderful people.

Bill D.